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SITE123 Update List

Check all the new features and bug fix updates in one place!

Domain Transfer

2024-01-16 Домени

We’ve added the option to transfer a domain from another registrar to SITE123. this is a great tool in case you own a domain name that you ordered elsewhere and you want to manage your website and domain in the same place.

You can find the option in your dashboard under account >> domains >> transfer domain.

Subscription for Blog and Online Courses

2024-01-14 Блог Online Courses

We're thrilled to announce a new feature: Subscriptions for Blogs and Online Courses! Now, you can charge for these sections with three access options: free for everyone, exclusive to signed-in members, or premium for paying customers. Website admins can choose to make some items free for all, too.

If you use Stripe for payments, you can now set up recurring payments for subscribers to your Blogs and Online Courses.

Don't worry if you're not using Stripe, we still have options for you!

Your customers will get email reminders to renew their subscriptions 10 days before the end of each subscription period, based on how often they chose to subscribe.

Improving search results with Schema markup

2024-01-11 Редактор

We're excited to announce significant improvements to our website's functionality and visibility by implementing schema markup across various pages. Schema markup is a standardized way of adding structured data to web content, helping search engines understand the content and provide users with richer search results.

Here's a breakdown of what we've done and how it benefits both our website and its users:

  1. User Website Pages: We've introduced schema markup to these pages, which means that when users search for relevant information on Google, they'll see more informative and visually appealing search results. This schema markup provides a "rich snippet," offering a preview of the page's content, such as ratings, prices, and additional details.

  1. Article/Blog Pages: For our article and blog pages, we've implemented the article schema. This schema helps search engines identify these pages as articles, making them more likely to appear in search results when users look for specific topics or news. It also allows for better organization of the content.

  1. Online Courses: By applying course schema to our online course data pages, we've made it easier for users interested in online courses to discover your offerings. This schema provides specific information about courses, such as their duration, instructor, and ratings, directly in search results.

  1. eCommerce Product Page: For our eCommerce product pages, we've introduced Product schema. This schema enriches the product listings in search results by providing details like price, availability, and reviews, making it more enticing for potential customers.

In summary, schema markup enhances the visibility and presentation of our website in search engine results. It provides users with more information at a glance, making it easier for them to find relevant content, articles, courses, or products. These improvements not only benefit our website but also enhance the user experience by offering more context and information directly in search results.

New custom color section

2024-01-11 Редактор

The design wizard now features expanded custom color settings, allowing for further personalization of your website's appearance. Newly added options include:

  1. Section Main Color: Customize the main color of different sections on your Main Page, Second Page, and Internal Pages.

  2. Section Button Text Color: Alter the text color of buttons within these sections.

These options provide greater control over the color scheme, ensuring the main sections and buttons align with your brand's aesthetic.

New Team Page layout

2024-01-11 Сторінки

This layout offers a neat and orderly display of team members, featuring a concise three-line text limit for each profile. This clean-cut design ensures a harmonious and professional overview, enabling visitors to quickly understand team roles and contributions.

Two New Services Page Layouts

2024-01-11 Сторінки

These new layouts are designed to showcase your offerings with precision and style. Each service is neatly framed within a three-line text box for a clean and concise description, ensuring uniformity and readability.

New FAQ Page Layout

2024-01-11 Сторінки FAQ

Introducing a new layout for our FAQ module, a sleek Grid Layout designed for clarity and ease of use. This new layout structures your frequently asked questions in a straightforward grid, allowing your visitors to find answers quickly.

New Customers Page Layout

2024-01-11 Сторінки Клієнтська зона

We're pleased to unveilt the new layout for our Customers Page, a visually engaging design that neatly showcases a series of icons in a harmonious, circular grid. This layout is tailored to present your customers with clarity and a touch of elegance.

New Gallery Page Layout - Grid Design

2024-01-11 Сторінки Галерея

This new layout organizes your gallery content into a clean, structured grid format. It's ideal for displaying images in a neat, orderly arrangement, allowing your visitors to easily browse through your visual content. The grid design brings a modern and professional look to your gallery, refining the overall aesthetic of your website.

New Testimonial Page Layout - Infinite Carousel

2024-01-11 Сторінки

We’re excited to announce our new layout for the Testimonial Page featuring an Infinite Carousel. This innovative layout automatically rolls through testimonials one after another, creating a continuous and dynamic display of customer feedback.

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