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Фантастичні особливості

Create Discussion Board
Create new discussions and add your own comments!
Manage Your Message Board In Themes
Manage different discussions sorted by theme and topic.
Set Forum Admin
Add admins who assist you with managing discussions.
Track Your Discussions Via Email
Get notifications and track the discussions you want!
Increase Engagement With Recommended Discussions
Recommend discussions to visitors based on interests.
Advanced Forum Search
Search through the forum with our advanced forum search tool

Create A Forum Website In 3 Easy Steps

Assemble your online forum in 3 easy steps. Choose the forum layout you want, set up your forum categories and topics, then publish your site to get your forum online within an hour!
Create A Forum Website In 3 Easy Steps

The Best Forum Software For You

SITE123's forum software is designed for people who have no experience creating or running an online forum. With many features available, find out why we made it so easy for you to make your forum!
The Best Forum Software For You

Build Your Online Community

Growing an online community is a great way to generate continuous high quality content for your viewers and improve your website's SEO performance. Make a forum and build your community today!
Build Your Online Community

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Наша безкоштовна цілодобова підтримка тут для вас. Підтримка чату в реальному часі SITE123 відповість на ваші запитання та допоможе вам створити успішний веб-сайт.

З нашою чудовою командою підтримки ви ніколи не буваєте самотніми!
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Часті запитання

What is SITE123's Forum Builder?

The Forum Builder is a platform that allows you to easily build and customize an online forum for your website, enabling users to interact with each other and discuss various topics.

Are there any limitations on the number of users or threads my forum can have?

There are no specific limitations on the number of users or threads for your forum.

Is the Forum built by SITE123 is mobile-friendly?

Yes, forums created using SITE123 are mobile-friendly and will adapt to different screen sizes.

Can I moderate the content posted on my forum?

Yes, you can set up moderation rules, appoint moderators, and control user permissions to ensure a safe and friendly environment for your forum.

Are forums created with SITE123's are SEO-friendly?

Yes, the forums are SEO-friendly and include various SEO tools to help you optimize your forum for search engines.

Can I add a custom domain to my forum?

Yes, with a premium plan, you can connect your own custom domain to your forum, making it an integral part of your website.

Can I set an admin to manage the forum?

Yes, you can appoint one or multiple admins to manage your forum. Admins will have the ability to moderate content, manage user permissions, and handle other administrative tasks, allowing you to delegate the management of your forum effectively.

Can I control and manage members' access to the forum?

Yes, you can control and manage members' access to your forum by setting up various user roles and permissions. This allows you to define who can view, post, and interact with the content on your forum, ensuring a secure and well-moderated environment.

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