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Фантастичні особливості

Events Pages
Dedicated pages for each event with comprehensive information like dates, venues, speakers, and schedules.
Selling Tickets
Built-in ticketing system to allow users to purchase tickets directly from the website, providing convenience and streamlining sales.
Check-in System
An integrated system to scan tickets at the event entry, facilitating efficient and secure admissions.
Online/Offline Events
Capability to manage both online and physical events, allowing you to reach a wide range of audiences.
Custom Registration Form
Create customizable forms for event registrations, collecting all necessary attendee information.
Offer promotional codes or discounts to incentivize ticket purchase and drive event attendance.

Make Your Event Website In No Time

SITE123 can help you make your event website in minutes. Our system is designed to handle all the technicalities, all you need to do is upload your content and prepare for your event.

Our editor is made for efficiency, you'll be able to work quickly to produce a beautiful website. You can do this with tickets, many payment options, custom labels, and custom coupons!

Make the event website that you want to make and put it out there for the world to see. Broadcast your event on social media and start taking reservations today!
Make Your Event Website In No Time

Put Your Event Website Together With SITE123

Do you need an event management website? SITE123's system can help you put one together so fast. Select the type of event you want in templates, insert your information, and then publish your website. Your event will be online within an hour!

All SITE123 sites are fully and automatically responsive, no adjustment is required! Useful tools are provided so that you can manage any event you want to host.

We offer many event type templates so you can get to work right away. Try it out now!
Put Your Event Website Together With SITE123

24/7 Жива підтримка - Ми тут для вас!

Наша безкоштовна цілодобова підтримка тут для вас. Підтримка чату в реальному часі SITE123 відповість на ваші запитання та допоможе вам створити успішний веб-сайт.

З нашою чудовою командою підтримки ви ніколи не буваєте самотніми!
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Часті запитання

What is SITE123's event website builder?

SITE123's event website builder is a user-friendly platform designed to help you create professional and engaging event websites for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, conferences, shows, and more.

Are there any pre-built templates available for different types of events?

Yes, SITE123 offers a variety of pre-built templates specifically designed for various event types, such as weddings, conferences, and shows, to help you get started quickly.

Can I sell tickets for my event through my SITE123 website?

Yes, SITE123's event website builder includes ticket-selling functionality, enabling you to sell tickets directly through your website and manage sales effectively. You can use the internal ticketing system, provide an external link to a third-party ticketing platform, or choose to sell tickets offline.

Is my SITE123 event website mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, SITE123's event website builder ensures that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, providing an optimal viewing experience on various devices and screen sizes.

Can I connect my custom domain to my SITE123 event website?

Yes, you can easily connect your custom domain to your SITE123 event website to ensure a professional online presence.

Is my SITE123 event website secure?

Yes, SITE123 provides SSL security for all websites, ensuring a secure browsing experience for your visitors.

Can I integrate third-party apps and tools with my SITE123 event website?

Yes, SITE123 allows you to integrate various third-party apps and tools, such as Analytics tools, chat platforms, marketing tools and more, to enhance the functionality of your event website.

Does SITE123 provide customer support?

Yes, SITE123 offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and help center resources to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Can I create multi-language event websites on SITE123?

Yes, SITE123 supports the creation of multi-language event websites, allowing you to reach a global audience.

Can I collect RSVPs or registrations through my SITE123 event website?

Yes, SITE123 enables you to create custom forms for collecting RSVPs or registrations, allowing you to collect essential information from your attendees and tailor the registration process to your needs.

How can I optimize my SITE123 event website for search engines?

SITE123 offers built-in SEO tools, such as custom meta tags, URL editing, and sitemap generation, to help you optimize your event website for search engines and improve your online visibility.

Is it possible to create several types of tickets for each event on SITE123?

Yes, SITE123 allows you to create multiple ticket types for each event, such as general admission, VIP, early bird, and more. This provides flexibility for your attendees and helps you manage various pricing options.

Does SITE123 offer a check-in system for event attendees?

Yes, SITE123 provides a check-in system that allows you to scan tickets quickly, ensuring a smooth entry process for your attendees.

Is it possible to manage orders for my event tickets on SITE123?

Yes, SITE123 offers a user-friendly order management system, enabling you to track ticket sales, monitor orders, and manage refunds or cancellations efficiently.

Can I view a separate ticket list per attendee instead of per order on SITE123?

Yes, SITE123 allows you to view and manage a separate ticket list for each attendee, providing greater flexibility in handling your event, especially when a single order contains multiple tickets.

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