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Powerful Webhook Integration for Schedule Booking

2023-05-31 13:35:42

We're thrilled to announce the addition of powerful webhook integration in the Schedule Booking feature. This highly requested feature empowers you to seamlessly integrate external systems and services with your booking process, enhancing automation and efficiency.

  1. Reschedule Webhook: We have introduced a new webhook specifically designed for schedule booking rescheduling. This webhook enables you to receive real-time updates and notifications whenever a booking is rescheduled, allowing you to synchronize the changes with your preferred external systems.

  2. Cancel Order Webhook: Additionally, we have added a webhook for schedule booking order cancellations. This webhook ensures that you receive instant notifications whenever an order is canceled, allowing you to take necessary actions and keep your external systems up to date.

With these webhooks in place, you can automate workflows, trigger custom actions, and seamlessly integrate your schedule booking data with other systems. This saves you time, eliminates manual tasks, and ensures a smooth and efficient booking process.

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