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Introducing Refund Orders: Simplify Your Order Management!

2023-05-31 13:28:06

We're excited to announce the addition of a new feature that empowers you to refund orders effortlessly. Now, you can refund a paid order (that has not been canceled) with ease.

To streamline the process, we have introduced a new Refund status. When an order is set to "Refund," its payment status will automatically change to "Refunded." This ensures clear visibility and tracking of refunded orders.

Please note that once an order has been refunded, you won't be able to mark it as paid or unpaid again. This helps maintain accurate payment records for your reference.

Furthermore, we have implemented an automatic inventory update. When an order is refunded, the related products' inventory will be automatically increased, ensuring seamless stock management.

These enhancements apply to various modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. We believe these updates will simplify your order management process and provide you with greater control over refunds.

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