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Introducing Improved Payment Statuses: Manage Your Orders with Ease!

2023-05-31 13:28:46

We've made significant updates to enhance your order management experience, specifically related to payment statuses. These changes provide a more streamlined and efficient process for you.

  1. Column Name Change: We have replaced the "Status" column with "Payment" for better clarity and understanding.

  2. Simplified Payment Status Changes: Going forward, you can now change the payment status only from the order info page. This centralizes the process, ensuring accurate and consistent updates.

  3. Streamlined Status Options: To improve usability, we have hidden all the old statuses (such as "New," "Shipped," "In Progress," etc.) from the available options. If an old order already has one of these statuses, it will still be displayed for reference. However, you will not be able to set these old statuses again if you have previously changed them.

  4. "New" Status Replaced: The "New" status has been replaced with "Unpaid" to better reflect the payment status. This change applies not only to new customers but also to existing ones, ensuring consistency across the board.

These updates apply to various modules, including Store, Events, Online Courses, Pricing Table, Schedule Booking, and Donate. We are confident that these improvements will simplify your order management process and provide you with a clearer understanding of payment statuses.

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