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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – це спосіб, завдяки якому ви можете розповсюджувати оновлення вашого блогу серед широкого кола читачів. Дозвольте вашим клієнтам легко слідкувати за вашим блогом за допомогою RSS.

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is how you can distribute a list of updates about your blog to a large number of people. People use programs that organize RSS feeds for reading. SITE123 provides an RSS link so that blog viewers can plug it into their RSS readers, letting them follow your blog and get updates whenever you make a new post or leave comments at any time! This will really help you define the difference on what is a professional blog and what isn't! This is very simple and powerful tool SITE123 providers to help your blog grow. To get the RSS link, all you have to do is go to your blog page when in your website, go to edit, and click the settings lab. You can then copy and share your RSS link with your readers so they can register it in their readers. Making it possible for your audience to keep updated on your blog is yet one more way SITE123 works to make your blog a success! Try this tool out today and use SITE123 to make the blog you want to make!

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